Don’t Hesitate to See An Oral Surgeon

January 2, 2024

An oral surgeon, also called an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS), is a highly trained dental surgeon. He (or she) graduated from dental school and then spent a minimum of four to six years in a hospital-based surgical residency program. Those many years of in-depth study and hands-on training in this unique specialty prepared him to treat diseases, reduce pain, restore function, and fix injuries or correct defects of the face, jaw and mouth. 

At the office of Green Office, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are experts at providing personal attention and care throughout every step of your process. From your first consultation to post-procedure care, our team will ensure your comfort and desired outcome. 

Here’s a look at how the skills of an OMS help his patients.

Tooth extractions. Impacted wisdom teeth are commonly removed, but teeth that crowd a mouth or are unhealthy beyond repair also must be surgically removed.

Corrections of jaw irregularities. Upper and lower jaws that have developed incorrectly can make it hard for someone to speak, swallow, breathe or chew. An OMS can rectify a wide assortment of minor and major skeletal and dental anomalies. 

Preparation for orthodontic treatment. This surgery removes unerupted baby (primary) teeth that have forced erupted permanent teeth to become poorly aligned. Another surgery removes one or more primary teeth that haven’t allowed permanent teeth to erupt. Left untreated, both conditions would hinder upcoming orthodontic treatment. 

Preparation for prosthetic care. An OMS removes excess bone and gum tissue or smooths and recontours the bone ridge so upcoming dentures will fit well.

An OMS also has unparalleled surgical expertise in treating diseases, infections and conditions in the head, face, mouth, teeth and jaws to restore functionality and appearance; repairing injuries to facial bone, nerves, muscles and soft tissue; and correcting birth defects and deformities such as cleft/lip palates and misaligned jaws. Complex conditions related to the wellness of the mouth, head, neck, jaw or face warrant a consultation with an OMS, not a general dentist. 

The office of Green Office takes pride in its outstanding service, attention to detail and friendly professionalism. You will receive excellent care and explanations of the best options available to you. Please call us today for an appointment. 

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