If You Don’t Like Your Chin, Have It Transformed.

June 26, 2023

Chins come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Though most chins coincide with their faces’ forms and proportions, people who dislike the chins they were born with can have them altered by an oral/maxillofacial surgeon. 

When receiving care from an oral/maxillofacial surgeon, you want a thoughtful and detailed provider who makes you feel at ease, listens to any of your concerns, offers excellent service and works with you throughout your treatment. 

Green Office is proud to possess all of those attributes, as well as up-to-the-minute technology and knowledge.

During the pre-surgery consultation with your oral/maxillofacial surgeon, you will tell him about your expectations, and he will explain to you what to expect. While discussing your goals, the surgeon will take into consideration your age, health, skin texture, bone structure and other factors that might influence the surgical outcome.

Genioplasty is an elective cosmetic procedure that can make a chin longer or shorter and lessen or increase its protuberance. There are two approaches, both of which have the patient under general anesthesia: The chin bone is permanently repositioned using wires and screws; or, a small chin is enlarged with an implant. 

The first approach is performed from inside the mouth and relieves the patient of any facial scars. The oral/maxillofacial surgeon accesses the jawbone and chin via an incision through the inside lower lip’s gum. He (or she) breaks the bone with a small, surgical saw and moves it to its new position. Small metal plates and screws secure the bone into its new site. Calipers ensure that the chin is in its exact new location. The incision is then closed. 

For an implant, you and the surgeon will decide which one will most flatter your face’s shape and size. He (or she) will place the implant using an incision through the mouth or via a small, hidden incision under the chin. The incision is then closed. 

We here at Green Office are courteous, professional and friendly. We perform a wide array of oral and maxillofacial surgeries. We explain everything to our patients in simple terms and give them as much time as they need to ask questions. Please call us today to learn how we can serve you.

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